175 free woodworking books

Time to get your carpenter on: Evenfall Studios (www.evenfallstudios.com) has a collection of 175 old public domain woodworking books, mostly scanned via Google’s book scanning project, that cover everything from carving, to upholstery, to using hand and machine tools. Most are rather old and might be more interesting as historical records, but here are three from the military that were published recently:

Carpentry I (PDF)
Carpentry II (PDF)
Use and Care of Hand Tools and Measuring Tools (PDF)

All of the books are in either HTML and PDF, so you might have to convert some of them before they’re readable on your Kindle. Check out our Formats page for help on which formats work natively. If you do want to convert them to a Kindle-friendly format, as always I suggest Calibre, the free software that lets you manage non-Amazon ebooks using an iTunes-like interface.

“Woodworks Library” [Evenfall Studios via OpenMaterials.org via MAKE]

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