Booksprung’s advertising policy

We don’t maintain a true firewall between ad placement and editorial for two reasons that should be obvious. The first reason is that Booksprung is more or less a one-man blog, not the kind of large-scale publication that can afford the luxury of separate ad sales and editorial teams. The second reason is that Booksprung currently doesn’t directly sell ad space! Instead, we display standardized ads or ad banners from one or more of the following companies:

  • Google AdSense
  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Kobo
  • The embed codes for those ad blocks appear on Booksprung pages regardless of what content is displayed. Editorial content is not influenced by whatever content may appear in those ads.

    Okay, you ask, but isn’t it still possible that fear of angering an affiliate program could influence Booksprung’s coverage? It’s possible, but in reality it does not and will not happen. Booksprung follows legitimate rules of affiliate programs (don’t spam, don’t trick readers, don’t be a porn site, don’t misuse the company’s logos or trademarks, etc). Otherwise, affiliate fees provide enough cash to cover hosting and some admin costs each year, but that’s it, and that’s not enough income to worry about losing.

    Occasionally we’ll receive some offer of a free product to review. When that happens, if we decide to accept, we then give away the product to a randomly selected reader. My swag becomes your swag!

    Booksprung’s privacy policy

    The WordPress platform on which Booksprung is served saves your IP address and any contact information you may provide when you leave a comment. Booksprung may use that information privately to improve the level of discourse on the site, for instance by blocking spammy IP addresses or blacklisting abusive commenters. Other than that, Booksprung doesn’t intentionally save any data on users.

    Third party advertisers on Booksprung such as Google AdSense may track your identity through the use of cookies that are linked to your email address, IP address, third party account data, and so on. If you do not want these companies to track you, consider installing the free Do Not Track Plus browser extension from