Amazon promises ebook lending, plus mags and newspaper subscriptions on Kindle apps

Two great pieces of news today:

Ebook lending

One thing Nook has had over Kindle from the beginning was its lending feature: on Nook, you can loan a Barnes & Noble ebook out to another Nook customer one time for fourteen days. It’s not perfect–you can only loan an ebook once, then the ability is turned off–but it’s still pretty cool, and Amazon didn’t have it.

Well, the Kindle still doesn’t have it, but today Amazon announced in its Discussion forums that it will bring the same feature to the Kindle before the end of the year. Like the text-to-speech functionality, it will be up to the publisher to enable this feature, so don’t expect it on every book. Still, it’s a welcome addition to the Kindle feature set.

Magazine and newspaper subscriptions on all Kindle software

Next, in “the coming weeks” you’ll be able to read your Kindle newspaper and magazine subscriptions on all iOS Kindle software (meaning iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). At some point later, this feature will be rolled out to Kindle for Android, and then the desktop Kindle apps.

There are no hard dates on when to expect either feature, but the magazine and newspaper expansion is a particularly great development. I gave up all of my Kindle magazine subscriptions after a while because I couldn’t read them on my other devices, but I’ll be reconsidering some of them once this ability is turned on.

“Coming Soon for Kindle” [Amazon]

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