Amazon’s two week “Sunshine Deals” sale has a little of everything

On June 1st, Amazon announced Sunshine Deals, a two week promotion with smaller publishers that features 600 ebooks priced between $0.99 and $2.99. The selection is all over the place in terms of genre and quality, and it sort of reminds me of the bargain shelves in Barnes & Noble’s retail stores, only without any sexy kitty Celtic firemen calendars.

We all know that there are always bargain-priced ebooks on the Kindle store, so why did Amazon bother creating a special promotion that ends on June 15th? It’s actually not about customers so much as smaller publishers, notes The promotion is being run in collaboration with small and mid-size publishers that don’t use agency pricing, and that in fact don’t usually experiment with pricing much at all. This is Amazon’s way of getting these publishers to loosen up a little and experiment with marketing their titles to consumers.

That means that unlike the typical brick and mortar bargain shelf selection, these titles aren’t necessarily unlovable or unwanted, and you can probably find something you like regardless of your tastes if you’re willing to dig through a few pages of listings.

Sunshine Deals []

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