Angry Robot introduces DRM-free subscription plan: pay flat fee, get every new title for a year

I’m subbing over at the esteemable Teleread blog for the month of July, and I just posted this news over there but thought it was something worth sharing with Booksprung readers as well. Also, it gives me a chance to blockquote and reference my own post elsewhere, which is not only meta but deeply satisfying on a purely narcissistic level.

Enough jibber jabber! I have firework accidents to get into and film for YouTube! Here’s the deal—and it’s not a bad one if you’re a heavy reader of sci-fi and fantasy books, and you like what Angry Robot has to offer:

…for £69, you get every new release for the next twelve months, which AR promises will consist of at minimum 24 titles. For books that are part of a series, subscribers will be able to purchase the earlier titles at a 30% discount (although the discount is only good for one use, apparently).

The titles are in EPUB format but since there’s no DRM, you can easily convert them to a Kindle-friendly format if necessary.

[via Teleread]

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