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I’m at BookExpo America this week

I’m not posting much here this week because I’m attending BookExpo America through Thursday. (All those other weeks I didn’t post, I was obviously in training for BookExpo America.) I’m not a big lover of trade shows, but it’s interesting … Continue reading

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Not dead, just sleeping

Contrary to recent appearances, this blog has not been abandoned or shuttered. I’ve gotten caught up in an unrelated project that’s taking the time I normally reserve for ebook blogging, so I’ve had to switch focus for a few weeks. … Continue reading

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Rowling will sell the Harry Potter ebooks on her own starting in October

The Harry Potter series may take place in the modern world, but it’s always been somewhat removed from it, emphasizing magic and wizarding dynasties over digital technology. The same has held true for the actual books, which have always been … Continue reading

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Kindle App News changes name to Ereader App News

Although the blog is still focused solely on Kindle active content apps, at least for now, Kindle App News has gotten rid of the trademark in its domain name. (The blog hasn’t changed its header though, as you can see … Continue reading

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Kindle subscribers to the New York Times can ignore the new paywall

Update 7 April 2011: Barnes & Noble has announced a similar perk for Times subscribers on the Nook and Nook Color. Original post: If you subscribe to the New York Times on your Kindle, you can ignore the new paywall … Continue reading

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Check out Kindle App News for the best Kindle app coverage

For several months now I’ve been trying to keep track of new apps as they’re released on the Kindle Store. It was manageable at first, but now that the number of titles is approaching 50, the task has grown beyond … Continue reading

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Kindle 3.1 software update prevents jailbreaking

Update: The new jailbreak for 3.1 has already been released, so you can disregard the warning below. (Thanks to Jordi for the tip!) Original post: If you wanted to use custom fonts or screensaver images on your Kindle but haven’t … Continue reading

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90-second “A Wrinkle in Time” is like a Spark Notes video made by tiny, insane actors

The problem with old age, or Internet overdoses, or vitamin B12 deficiency (that’s today’s health story), is that you forget the classics. For example, I know Charlotte was a spider, but did she save her pig-baby from a bejeweled Hobbit? … Continue reading

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