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Hugo-nominated sf novel Blindsight available for free

Blindsight by Peter Watts is a hard sci-fi novel about first contact, aliens, autism spectrum disorder, the nature of human consciousness, and a formerly extinct offshoot of Homo sapiens that gave rise to our vampire legends. It’s free on the … Continue reading

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Learn write more better from book teachings without money

Oh man, I really should have read these free writing guides before I tried to craft my own headline. Now I just feel stupid. Actually, I feel like an SEO rebel, because from what I hear, writing a nonsensical headline … Continue reading

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Angry Robot plans fan-created anthologies via new WorldBuilder site

Fandom breeds content, as nearly any Internet user who has ever loved a TV show, movie or book already knows. Fans love to spend time absorbed in their favorite works by inventing new adventures, filling in backstories, and expanding the … Continue reading

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Rowling will sell the Harry Potter ebooks on her own starting in October

The Harry Potter series may take place in the modern world, but it’s always been somewhat removed from it, emphasizing magic and wizarding dynasties over digital technology. The same has held true for the actual books, which have always been … Continue reading

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BookLikes first impressions: an undercooked indie version of Shelfari

BookLikes is yet another free service for book lovers that promises to make quality recommendations to you based on what others are reading. Unfortunately, it’s not quite ready for public consumption. Continue reading

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Get ’em while they’re free: 5 books that became famous movies

There’s been a dearth of interesting (to my eye) titles available for free on the Kindle store lately, so I’m happy this morning to post about a set of five new releases to make up for it. Well, “new” isn’t … Continue reading

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Free Stephen King short story from The Atlantic

It’s almost impossible to find a free Stephen King short story these days, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the entire text of a new work, “Herman Wouk Is Still Alive,” has been published by The Atlantic on … Continue reading

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Patent lawyer explains rejected Google Books settlement for the rest of us

If you’re in publishing, you probably can already hit all the main points of the Google Book Search settlement story without crib notes, but it can still seem like a complicated mess to outsiders. The website Practical eCommerce asked an … Continue reading

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