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John Hodgman has some great ideas for repurposing bookstores

This Daily Show segment where Jon Hodgman discusses Borders (it starts at the 7:57 mark) was aired nearly a week ago, but in my defense, Borders officially gave up the ghost nearly a month before that, so it’s not like … Continue reading

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How to transfer your Borders ebook account to Kobo

As you may have heard by now, Borders in the U.S. is officially kaput—it will begin closing its remaining 399 stores as early as this Friday, and be wiped from the face of the retail landscape by September. But that … Continue reading

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Borders employees amuse Internet with snarky sign humor

Buzzfeed has a fun/sad page of 13 different signs recently found in Borders stores across the U.S. Some of them convey the sort of opinions you imagine bookstore employees are usually forced to keep private, which is always fun to … Continue reading

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Ebook recap for February 2011

All things considered, February was a dismal month for ebook news. Apple dug a moat around its walled iOS garden, then filled that moat with lava; Rupert Murdoch launched a “daily paper” on the iPad but forgot to put decent … Continue reading

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Borders news: more closings, reports from the front line, the blame game and ripple effects

Here are some quick updates from the past few days about Borders’ ongoing implosion: More stores are being closed than just the 200 listed on the initial filings. Publishers Weekly says up to 75 additional locations might be shuttered, depending … Continue reading

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Here’s a map of which Borders stores are closing

The Digital Reader has put together an excellent Google Map of all the Borders locations listed for closing in the retailer’s bankruptcy filing. I’ve included the map in an iframe after the jump, or you can click through to view … Continue reading

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