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Is Next Issue worth your $15 every month?

I’ve been testing out Next Issue’s all-you-can-read magazine app for a few weeks now, to see whether it’s worth your time and money. So is it? My short answer: mayyybe, if (a) you absolutely love many of the titles they … Continue reading

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Why social reading apps are doomed to fail

I’ve been testing out some social reading apps on the iPad in recent weeks, and while I hope to post something more in-depth in the near future, I read some items today that corroborate a general disappointment I’ve been feeling. … Continue reading

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Here’s how a local bookseller tried to get my future business

In my recent counter-tirade against the emotional outbursts that booksellers are frequently guilty of when they should be discussing retail strategies, I mentioned that the last time I contacted a local bookstore to offer feedback on what I want as … Continue reading

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The biggest threat to local bookstores? Crazy booksellers and their fanboys

Last week, Amazon tried to train consumers to openly treat local retail stores as showrooms for Amazon merchandise. It was a ballsy but ethically shaky move; I believe customers who participated helped Amazon steal resources and sales from competitors for … Continue reading

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It’s the Day Against DRM; does anybody care?

Why isn’t the Day Against DRM a bigger deal among ebook consumers? Continue reading

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Are readers growing more concerned about DRM? (Please?)

A highly informal survey hints that maybe DRM’s biggest enemy is the growing popularity of ebooks — the more you read, the more likely you are to be annoyed by lending and platform restrictions. Continue reading

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Dear Hachette, you’re doing it wrong

Hachette disables all highlighting in Kindle books, tells authors that piracy is to blame for low royalties, and brags about it to the press. Wtf? Continue reading

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Ebook prices in 2004 vs 2011: what’s changed?

On Monday I wrote in a post that I think prices for ebooks have gone down since 2004. Over on Teleread, a couple of readers called bullshit on that statement and argued that actually prices have been creeping up thanks … Continue reading

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