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Self-help rights guide for indie publishers

If you’ve ever signed a contract for a book, as an author, a publisher, or a translator, do you know why it stipulated the terms that it did? […] Petra Hardt, Foreign Rights Director at Suhrkamp Verlag in Berlin, has … Continue reading

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Say goodbye to Google Books Settlement for good

The heavily criticized proposed settlement between Google and a small group of authors and publishers has been dealt a final, fatal blow, reports Publishers Weekly this morning—although in this case the deathblow comes indirectly because it’s actually about a different, … Continue reading

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Are readers growing more concerned about DRM? (Please?)

A highly informal survey hints that maybe DRM’s biggest enemy is the growing popularity of ebooks — the more you read, the more likely you are to be annoyed by lending and platform restrictions. Continue reading

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What Neil Gaiman likes about the Kindle, and why you should care

Hopefully you don’t need a Famous Author to validate your purchasing decisions, so I’m not posting about Neil Gaiman’s opinions on the Kindle just to make you feel better/worse about your new ereader. Instead, I thought it might provide some … Continue reading

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Why it’s sometimes good for writers to build on each other’s work

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon writing out my idea for how fanfic and other writers could theoretically use digital technology to bypass copyright roadblocks. What inspired me was the recent story about an unauthorized sequel to “The Catcher … Continue reading

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Dehydrated books, or how to make money off of fan fiction and unauthorized sequels

Imagine that this evening I follow a friend’s link to a new Harry Potter book, one that essentially replaces “The Sorcerer’s Stone” in the canon with a Year 1 adventure that’s darker and closer in tone to the final few … Continue reading

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