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The cheap alternative to Evernote’s new Moleskine notebook

This is a bit outside my usual topic area, but as I’m someone who covers digital publishing tech, and as I sometimes find myself at a conference table or in a convention hall, I know about integrating handwritten notes with … Continue reading

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New Kindle weather website launches, competes with other browser utilities

I got an email from Kindle Weather Station this morning, a new service in beta that offers a full screen weather report (via the experimental browser) for your neighborhood. The good news is the weather is presented in a huge, … Continue reading

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Man rigs special Kindle controls for sister with cerebral palsy

I was going to write up a short post* about this, but I’m running out of time today and Nate at The Digital Reader just posted about it, too, so I’ll point you there instead. (His is also the only … Continue reading

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Paper sculptures in Pottermore video are beautiful, make book hard to read

Don’t loan J.K. Rowling any first editions! The author of Harry Potter doesn’t just love ebooks now, she hates printed books. Why, look at the lengths she’ll go to deface one in her new video announcing her HP ebook venture: … Continue reading

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Literature Map from Gnod uses fancy robot math to suggest new authors to you

From what I can tell by the intro paragraph on the home page, Gnod is an experiment in creating a self-aware deathbot who will someday enslave us all. But until that day it’s a fun way to discover new authors … Continue reading

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Create personalized Kindle, Nook and iPad cases at MyEdge

Although no official announcement has yet been made (that I’m aware of), M-Edge has opened its custom cover store. The service lets you create custom covers for your Kindle or Nook ($40) or iPad ($50) using your own images as … Continue reading

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Here’s another hand-made hardcover case for the Kindle

I know I just posted a link to 50 assorted ideas for covering your Kindle, but this one from someone named Ebony is worth the extra attention. His approach definitely requires patience and an eye for detail — you have … Continue reading

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Three online notepads that work with the Kindle

Here’s a quick review of three free notepad services that work fairly well with the Kindle 3’s web browser. Why would you want a notepad service? I get to that below, after the quick reviews. Features: 9 Kindle Web … Continue reading

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