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Man rigs special Kindle controls for sister with cerebral palsy

I was going to write up a short post* about this, but I’m running out of time today and Nate at The Digital Reader just posted about it, too, so I’ll point you there instead. (His is also the only … Continue reading

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How to make a Kindle case from an old book

I hadn’t intended to cut up the used book I bought online. But it turned out to be exactly the right size to house my Kindle, and it wasn’t in great shape to begin with, and my whole philosophy about … Continue reading

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Like audiobooks? There’s a way to get $100 off a Kindle through Audible

Those $99 refurbished Kindles are nice, but if you want a really cheap Kindle, and you’re thinking about joining Audible, the best combo offer is one that isn’t that easy to find these days: sign up for a year of … Continue reading

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New snap-on Kindle reading light uses cover slots to power itself

Remember how cool Amazon’s Kindle 3 cover with the built-in reading light was when it first came out last summer? Instead of requiring a battery, it draws power from the Kindle via the little prong that connected the cover to … Continue reading

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Kindle 3G with Special Offers now only $139

Amazon just announced that AT&T has agreed to “sponsor” the Kindle 3G with Special Offers—or more plainly, the ad-supported Kindle—and dropped the price by another $25. At $139, it’s now the same price as the regular Wi-Fi Kindle model, which … Continue reading

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Want to see’s ereader reviews and ratings? Free access today only

Consumer Reports is one of the original paywall publications, and for good reason—they don’t take outside advertising or have corporate sponsors, and they are complete geeks when it comes to thoroughly testing every product they review. (Believe me, I’ve visited … Continue reading

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Change the font on your Kindle without hacking it

Alert! This post was written in June 2011, and while at that time the Calibre plugin worked fine, it does not support the latest Kindle models. See the official plugin thread for details. — 21 Oct 2012 Even More Alert! Commenter … Continue reading

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“Go the F–k to Sleep” audiobook version currently free from Audible

By now you’ve probably heard of the new pseudo-children’s book “Go the Fuck to Sleep”, which was conceived as a joke by the author for his friends, but then turned viral and was transformed into an actual book. If you’re … Continue reading

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