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PCMag calls Nook Touch the new king of ereaders

Has the Kindle 3 been beaten by Barnes & Noble’s elegant new touchscreen Nook? Yes, says PCMag: it’s smaller, lighter, and more user friendly, with the same Pearl E Ink screen. Continue reading

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Kobo’s summer reading challenge: read books, help charitable organizations

Did you ever participate in a summer reading program when you were a kid, where you attempted to reach a goal of n books or pages before the end of August? Do you miss that sort of thing? If so, … Continue reading

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Can you trust the battery claims for the Nook and Kindle?

Can an ereader really give you two months of reading pleasure before needing another charge? Sure, if you read for a half hour every day and never turn on wireless. Continue reading

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How to hide those 100 classics that came with your Kobo

If you own a Kobo, and if you read any of the instructions that came with it, you probably already know how to hide the preloaded public domain titles from displaying amongst your own books. But really, I’ve never met … Continue reading

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Kindle, Nook, Kobo iOS apps to be pulled in June?

The Digital Reader says it’s received off-the-record confirmation that all three major ebook sellers expect Apple to remove their apps from the iOS app store in June. Even if they wanted to (or could afford to) comply with Apple’s new … Continue reading

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We’re doing just fine, says Kobo to its Borders customers

If you own a Kobo, don’t worry about what’s going to happen to your ebooks, Kobo announced yesterday in a blog post. Kobo handles all ebook sales for Borders, not the other way around, so no matter what happens to … Continue reading

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Apple pretty much confirms all ebook apps must offer In App Purchasing

The blog FutureBook writes that it has received direct confirmation from Apple that its new rules about mandatory In App Purchases (IAP) will indeed apply to ebook apps as well, contrary to my interpretation of their vague press release yesterday. … Continue reading

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Here’s how Apple’s 30% commission might affect ebook apps

Update: It seems Apple has somewhat confirmed that ebook apps are included in the new requirements. My two predicted changes below remain fairly accurate, but now you can add two more potential changes: either the apps will go away completely, … Continue reading

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