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Frankenstein app includes original handwritten manuscript, plus 1,300 other things

The New York Public Library just released Frankenstein, its second free Biblion installment, and like last year’s World Fair app this one comes loaded with enough primary source material and new content to keep you occupied for a month. Mary … Continue reading

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Checking out Kindle ebooks from the public library: a quick demo

While I was wrapping up a conference on a totally unrelated matter yesterday, Amazon unveiled its long awaited public library lending feature for Kindle ebooks. You can find out the official details at This morning I gave it a … Continue reading

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Librarian shares opinion of Espresso Book Machine after two years of using it

Here’s a librarian’s account of the Espresso Book Machine after two years of using it. It’s the best, most detailed real-world account I’ve come across—most things you’ll find online about this book-on-demand printing machine are either press releases or cursory … Continue reading

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Kindle library lending coming to U.S. next month?

Last April, Amazon announced it would offer Kindle books at public libraries by the end of 2011. Amazon still won’t give a definite date, but Steve Potash, the CEO of OverDrive (which is providing the technology behind the library lending … Continue reading

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Amazon announces partnership with OverDrive to bring Kindle ebooks to public libraries

Amazon has announced it will release a Kindle compatible format for public libraries later this year — which means you’ll finally be able to check out library ebooks on your Kindle. Continue reading

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Do printed library books really fall apart after 26 uses? (No, they don’t.)

Yeah, I’m still posting about HarperCollins’ new ebook library policy. It’s not just that it’s such a damned greedy, destructive move to make against libraries, the publishing equivalent of clubbing a highly literate seal. It’s that HarperCollins is using this … Continue reading

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