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eReaderIQ improves Kindle deal alert service with new filters and categories

Two days ago I noticed something new in the daily email I get from eReaderIQ. Actually, I noticed a couple of new things. The first was that suddenly the books were being organized according to genre, which makes it a … Continue reading

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Set public domain content free from locked PDF files

Lately I’ve been digging around online to find old genre short stories written in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In many cases it’s clear that the works have passed into the public domain, at least here in the U.S., … Continue reading

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Apple’s OS X Lion can create EPUB files!

If you’re using or plan to upgrade to the latest Apple operating system, Lion, you’ll discover a nifty ebook trick baked into the Automator program: it can create EPUB files! The website Mac OS X Automation reported it first, so … Continue reading

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ReadBeam makes it easy to read newspapers and blogs on your ereader

If you don’t want to use Calibre, or can’t be bothered to figure out how to use it to subscribe to news feeds and send them to your ereader, you might want to give ReadBeam a try. The service offers … Continue reading

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BookLikes first impressions: an undercooked indie version of Shelfari

BookLikes is yet another free service for book lovers that promises to make quality recommendations to you based on what others are reading. Unfortunately, it’s not quite ready for public consumption. Continue reading

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No time to look for good articles? Let Delivereads do it

Look at how many awesome tools we now have to keep ourselves stocked with high-quality reading material: Instapaper and Read It Later are great services if you’ve found an article you want to save for later; Readability and Readable do … Continue reading

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eReaderIQ now has a Kindle friendly mobile site

I find a lot of bargain books by just browsing through the Kindle store all the time, but I also sometimes find them from eReaderIQ. In the past I’ve recommended it to track the price of individual books, and it’s … Continue reading

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Using Amazon Cloud Drive to store ebooks

Does Amazon’s new Cloud Drive online storage service play well with the Kindle? I tested it out on the first day, and the short answer is yes, but for now not very well. Continue reading

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