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Five reasons NOT to get a Nook Touch

Everyone loves the new Nook Touch ereader, including me. But before you get one, make sure you can live with its weaknesses. Continue reading

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PCMag calls Nook Touch the new king of ereaders

Has the Kindle 3 been beaten by Barnes & Noble’s elegant new touchscreen Nook? Yes, says PCMag: it’s smaller, lighter, and more user friendly, with the same Pearl E Ink screen. Continue reading

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Check out Kindle App News for the best Kindle app coverage

For several months now I’ve been trying to keep track of new apps as they’re released on the Kindle Store. It was manageable at first, but now that the number of titles is approaching 50, the task has grown beyond … Continue reading

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Three online notepads that work with the Kindle

Here’s a quick review of three free notepad services that work fairly well with the Kindle 3’s web browser. Why would you want a notepad service? I get to that below, after the quick reviews. Features: 9 Kindle Web … Continue reading

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Give Project a break, it's no worse than any iPad magazine

Oh my dear goat lord, WHAT IS WRONG with people? This week the fairy of stupidity came down and sprayed IdiotGlitter all over a bunch of people who tried out Virgin’s new magazine app, Project. They all hate it. They … Continue reading

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Consumer Reports gives Kindle top scores again

I love the iPad despite its heft, and although I never warmed to the nook’s mini-LCD touch panel, I really like the look of the new full-color nook announced last month. That said, the venerable product testing nonprofit Consumer Reports … Continue reading

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Kindle versus nook; which one is the better value?

As of late summer 2010, the ebook device “war” has more or less come down to four choices–Kindle, nook, Kobo and Sony Reader–and the company behind each has worked hard to differentiate its product. Nook split into two versions so … Continue reading

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New source of reviews for Smashwords books

Smashwords is a terrific resource for low cost ebooks to read on your Kindle. Unfortunately, since anyone can publish there, it’s no better than Amazon at protecting you from badly written nonsense, and digging through its collection for the good … Continue reading

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