CleverWraps: $5 freezer bags for your Kindle or Nook

Do we really need CleverWraps? They’re essentially just specialized freezer bags, with an added fold-over adhesive flap to help keep the Ziploc-style closure sealed. But halfway through making fun of them, I deleted the paragraph and changed my mind. Sort of.

Here are the two features CleverWraps have that freezer bags don’t:

  • They’re sized to fit your device exactly.
  • They tape shut to help prevent accidental openings.

Are those compelling enough to win you over, at $5 per bag? (They’re sold in $15 3-packs, with free shipping to U.S. addresses.) For me, no, at least for my Kindle. But CleverWraps also come in custom sizes for the iPad and Galaxy Tab, and for various smartphones. And, to be honest, they do look a little more upscale than a plain old freezer bag. [via OhGizmo!]

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