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Are you a Kindle owner, a regular reader of the site, an attractive person who thinks I’m also attractive, or someone who wants to become a contributor?

Hooray! Please do contact me.

Are you a marketing-type person at a company that makes accessories or cases for the Amazon Kindle?

Hooray! Please do contact me.

Are you an author, or the publisher or publicist for an author?

That’s awesome! Here’s what I’m interested in and what I’m not:

Interested in:

  • indie publishing (but not vanity stuff like AuthorHouse or Lulu)
  • your experiences with sales and publishing on Amazon
  • special offers, particularly if they involve the use of the word “free”
  • interviews with authors about their books, characters, or careers

Not interested in:

  • helping you get your book published
  • directly promoting sales of your book
  • taking ad placements for your book (I might in the future, but not at this moment, sorry)

Do you want to place an ad on the site?

Sorry, I’m not accepting ads, although I may in the future–if so I’ll update this page.

In particular, I’m not accepting ads from BetterLinkAdvertising is actually owned by Geary Interactive, according to the website SEO Contrarian, but it hides this fact for two reasons. The first is so it can charge very small fees to bloggers for year-long ad placements on their sites. The second is because what it’s doing–paying small-time bloggers to link to their clients in order to boost their Google page rankings–is against Google’s policies, and if Google finds out it will penalize your site and push it further down in search results. (Here’s an example of what happens when Google finds out that you’re being bribed to link to a site.)

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