Create personalized Kindle, Nook and iPad cases at MyEdge

Although no official announcement has yet been made (that I’m aware of), M-Edge has opened its custom cover store. The service lets you create custom covers for your Kindle or Nook ($40) or iPad ($50) using your own images as well as supplied design elements.

If you’re not the creative type, M-Edge is offering a nice array of pre-designed cases with retro book covers or New Yorker magazine covers.

What I love about a well-implemented custom case service, and my initial tests of this one are promising, is that with a little creativity you can create pretty stunning, unique products for about the same cost as mass-produced versions. Or you can create ridiculous ones, as in my uniporn example above, and that’s what makes this country great.

Here’s the intro video.

Officially it looks like M-Edge still hasn’t thrown the doors open to the general public, because the home page of MyEdge is still just a “coming soon!” announcement. But hey, the link works and the interface seems to be fully functional, so have fun making your own ereader case.

Update: By default, your custom case design is private. You can choose to make it public by submitting it to M-Edge’s “Style Library,” and then others can order your design for their own devices. However, by doing so you give M-Edge permission to sell your design without paying you royalties, so make sure you understand the fine print before you check the “I agree” box and share your design with the world.

MyEdge [via ChipChick]

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