Expect more educational Kindle apps soon, hints developer

AppleInsider wrote today that the developer for an iOS periodic table app was invited by Amazon to port it over to the Kindle platform:

[The developer] contacted AppleInsider to note that Amazon had invited him via email to bring the app to Kindle, noting that the company was especially interested in educational apps.

As AppleInsider notes, Barnes & Noble recently announced that it will release an update to the Nook Color in the coming weeks that will give it many more tablet-like capabilities — including, I imagine, the ability to play immensely popular casual games like Angry Birds. You can already do this on the Nook Color if you hack it, but the point is, the B&N update will bring this functionality to the masses.

The Kindle clearly can’t really compete with that sort of tablet whizbangery, but it’s great at less processor-intensive content like reference works and study aids.

It’s not clear from the AppleInsider post whether the developer is speculating about this or whether Amazon said as much to him in its email, so like most Kindle-related news, don’t take it too seriously until there’s proof.

“Amazon inviting Apple’s iOS developers to port apps to Kindle” [AppleInsider]
(Photo: -ajp and Atomium)

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