“Go the F–k to Sleep” audiobook version currently free from Audible

Go the Fuck to SleepBy now you’ve probably heard of the new pseudo-children’s book “Go the Fuck to Sleep”, which was conceived as a joke by the author for his friends, but then turned viral and was transformed into an actual book.

If you’re curious about it, you’re in luck. The audiobook version—which is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, who I think we can all agree is the Hollywood talent to turn to when you need the word “fuck” said with verve and forcefulness (e.g. “Snakes on a Plane”)—is free from Amazon’s audiobook company Audible for a limited time. The Kindle version is $4.79, and the hardcover is just over $8 right now.

One nice touch, and why I’m mentioning the offer in the first place: Audible will wirelessly deliver the file directly to your Kindle via Wi-Fi if you like.

[found via eBookNewser]

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