Here's a couple of free Kindle contests

Just to be clear, I’ve got nothing to do with either one and can’t answer questions. I found them while browsing the web and thought they were worth sharing with readers, because winning free stuff is FUN.

The first contest is being sponsored by “paranormal romance” writer Lynda Hilburn on her blog Paranormality. The winner will be randomly selected on Halloween night from all eligible entries, but to be eligible you’re going to have to do some work: you have to visit 25 different author websites, figure out the answers to two specific questions about their novels’ characters, and then send all 50 correct answers in to Hilburn before the deadline. Yeah, that’s pretty daunting, but on the other hand it should really cut down on your competition.

If you’re feeling a bit lazier than all that, maybe you should just head over to and subscribe to their free email newsletter before the end of October 23rd. Everyone who subscribes during the week leading up to the deadline (meaning: right now) will be entered in a random drawing for a free Kindle.

The Pysch Central contest is for people who can provide a U.S. mailing address. Hilburn doesn’t specify any location for entrants on her contest. I’ve contacted her about this, and will post any response in an update. Update: I’ve confirmed that Hilburn’s contest is U.S. only as well.

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