How to put custom screensaver images on a Kindle 4 (nontouch)

The new Kindle 4—the one without touchscreen capability—doesn’t run the Kindle 3 screensaver hack, so even if you pay Amazon the extra $30 to disable the ads you’re stuck with some generic default images.

If this is driving you crazy, take heart. A Kindle 4 owner named kubbur has graciously begun documenting how he’s managed to hack his device to display new screensaver images. If you’re somewhat technically savvy, you might be able to follow his lead.

First, here’s his tutorial on how to put your Kindle 4 into diagnostic mode:

how to get into developer mode on kindle 4 non-touch version

Once you’ve done that, you can follow his second tutorial to gain root access and modify your Kindle 4 to display custom screensaver images:

How to set custom screensaver on kindle 4 nontouch

If you run into problems or want to discuss this approach, try the Kindle 4 hacking thread over at MobileRead, where kubbur has also been active.

If everything works out as planned, hooray for you. Here are some places to find more screensaver images:

The Reddit page has some links to the default screensaver images as well, if you want to add them back into your custom mix.

Finally, before you begin, here’s a big warning:


You’re on your own with this. If you break your Kindle 4, you’ll have to find a way to fix it yourself—I can’t help you. If you didn’t read this post and immediately think, “Pshaw, I know more about what’s going on here than this writer,” then you probably shouldn’t attempt this. It requires fancy things like SSH and Putty and a very high amount of Magicka.

(Photos: Army Medicine, kubbur)

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