Jim Thompson’s The Grifters $2 on Amazon

I just noticed pulp crime writer Jim Thompson’s 1963 noir novel The Grifters is only $1.99 over at Amazon. I’m guessing the low price is because Amazon is using it to push the new “buy the audiobook at the same time” offer. (The new Kindle Fires can play the audiobook while highlighting the text in the ebook, provided you buy both from Amazon/Audible.)

You might remember The Grifters for its popular movie adaptation in 1990. I’ve often tried to pay my rent the same way Annette Bening does in the movie — by giggling and rolling around naked on my bed in an attempt to seduce my landlord — but so far it has never worked out for me; twice my rent was actually increased. The movie also taught me that if I need to beat someone for an insurance scam, I should use oranges wrapped in a towel. I’ve learned a lot from The Grifters, I guess.

As of this morning, it looks like Barnes & Noble and Nook aren’t discounting The Grifters yet, but you might want to check back later today or tomorrow as sometimes they take a while to catch up. However, if you want a cheap pulpy read right now then Thompson’s most acclaimed novel, The Killer Inside Me, is just $2.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

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