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Updated: 7 March 2011

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Your Kindle 2, 3, or DX can do more than display books — there are now dozens of games and apps available, priced from free to $6 and spanning a range of categories.

It’s not always easy to see everything that’s on offer, though. For example, Amazon has a dedicated page for Active Content, but the page doesn’t show every title. Hence this page.

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Shuffled Row
Shuffled Row – $0.00
Make as many words as you can from 60 tiles. Tiles are introduced gradually, and disappear over time or as you use them.
Every Word
Every Word – $0.00
Find as many words as you can from the given letters; if you complete the list, you earn even more points and advance to the next round.
Word Search
Word Search – $0.99
Comes with 50 13×13 puzzles in themes like Animals or Best Movie Winners.

Hangman 4 Kids
Hangman 4 Kids – $1.99
This kid-friendly version of the classic word guessing game comes with 300+ puzzles in categories like animals, sports, science, and celebrities.
New York Times Crosswords
NY Times Crosswords – $1.99-$4.99
Four different collections of crossword puzzles from the New York Times:
NY Times Crosswords (30 Easy)
NY Times Crosswords (30 Hard)
NY Times Crosswords (90 Easy)
NY Times Crosswords (90 Hard)
Jumble, 50 Puzzles – $2.49
Unscramble four words to reveal letters that make up a fifth mystery word or phrase.
Jumble, 20 Puzzles – $0.99
The same as above, but with 20 puzzles.
Jumble, 3 Free Puzzles – $0.00
Free sampler of three Jumbles.

Hangman – $2.99
The classic word-guessing game comes with over 1000 puzzles and a hint system.
Panda Poet
Panda Poet – $2.99
Form words from the letters available to create pandas, then form more words to make those pandas grow and add to your score.
Word Soup
Word Soup – $2.99
Create words from a jumble of letters in the playing grid. Letters disappear when used, allowing those above to drop down for an ever-changing game board.

SCRABBLE – $4.99
Hasbro’s famous crossword game. Play solo, against a virtual opponent, or with friends via pass-and-play.


Blackjack – $0.00
Includes splits, double down, surrender, insurance, and optional game rules like “dealer must hit soft 17.”
Video Poker
Video Poker – $0.00
Vegas-style “Jacks or Better” game. Comes with optional guide to help you build the best poker hand.
EA Texas Holdem
EA Texas Hold’em – $3.99
This popular poker game comes with 3 difficulty settings, 6 AI opponents, and a pass-and-play mode.

EA Solitaire
EA Solitaire – $3.99
Twelve games with instructions: Klondike, Pyramid, Yukon, Golf, Freecell, Wasp, Peaks, Canfield, Spiderette, Eliminator, Easthaven, and Baker’s Dozen.
Match Genius
Match Genius – $2.99
The classic memory game; uncover matching tiles in as few moves as possible. Comes with six difficulty levels.
Mahjong Solitaire
Mahjong Solitaire – $3.99
Match tiles to remove them from the board. Comes with 10 different game board layouts.


Mine Sweeper
Mine Sweeper – $0.00
Uncover the mines by using clues provided by neighboring cells in a grid. Note that there’s also a built-in (but plainer) version of this game on the Kindle — access it by pressing Alt+Shift+M.
Maze A Thon
Maze A Thon – $0.99
Solve classic, wrap-around (think Pac-Man’s gameboard), and 6-sided “cube” mazes, each automatically generated for “millions of possibilities.”
Flip It!
Flip It! – $0.99
Turn all the black tiles to white, but there’s a catch: each time you flip a tile, its neighbors all flip as well.

EA Sudoku
EA Sudoku – $1.49
“Thousands” of puzzles in 5 difficulty levels, plus a mode that lets you enter and play external puzzles.
Next – $2.99
Match pieces to remove them and clear the board. Comes with 128 levels.
Symdoku Unbound #1 – $2.99
Sudoku with symbols instead of numbers. Comes with 100 puzzles.

Sudoku Unbound
Sudoku Unbound #1 – $2.99
The popular logic puzzle in classic format. Comes with 100 puzzles.
Wordoku Unbound #1 – $2.99
Sudoku with letters instead of numbers. Comes with 100 puzzles.
Triple Town
Triple Town – $3.99
Build your score by matching pieces to produce new pieces — 3 bushes = 1 tree, 3 trees = 1 forest, etc. Highly rated and recommended.


Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe – $0.99
Are you smarter than a chicken at a county fair? Also, will you let a chicken touch your Kindle?
Brain Bump
Brain Bump Literature – $0.99
Trivia questions about select books, but the real point is to drive you to the Amazon store via affiliate links. Not recommended.
True Backgammon – $1.99
This centuries old classic lets you adjust the difficulty and resume saved games.

Ultimate Movie Quiz
Ultimate Movie Quiz – $1.99
1,000 trivia questions about movies. Play in rounds of 10 or in a continuous stream, with or without a countdown timer.
Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz
Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz – $1.99
Test your sci-fi movie and TV show geekiness with 1,000 trivia questions.
Chess – $2.99
Play against the Kindle or use pass-and-play with a friend. Comes with 10 difficulty levels, optional timer, and undo.

Slingo – $3.99
This mixture of bingo and slots has you spinning random numbers and trying to match them on the board.
MONOPOLY – $4.99
Build, buy and sell houses and hotels. Here’s a review of Monopoly from The Digital Reader.


Choice of the Dragon
Choice of the Dragon – $1.99
A traditional text-based interactive adventure, where you play a dragon who sets out to dominate a kingdom.
Choice of BroadsidesChoice of Broadsides – $1.99
Another text-based adventure from the same developer as the “Dragon.” In this one, you play “a young and promising naval officer.”
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain – $3.99
Explore the caves and traps of Firetop Mountain, said to contain an “untold wealth of treasure” guarded by a powerful warlock.

Dusk World
Dusk World – $5.99
In this noir detective/superhero graphic novel, you must try to solve a double murder.


Easy Calculator
Easy Calculator – $0.99
Maps keyboard to number and function keys. Provides basic calculations and memory, plus a virtual tape.
Anywhere Abs
Anywhere Abs – $1.99
Twelve exercises with instructions, illustrations, and built-in timer.
My Yoga Studio
My Yoga Studio – $1.99
25 poses with illustrations, instructions, and a timer. Practice individual poses or choose from one of 3 built-in routines.

24/7 Language Tutor
24-7 Language Tutor – $3.99
Flash cards, quizzes and hangman; approximately 500 words per app.
French Vocabulary
German Vocabulary
Italian Basic Phrases
Spanish Basic Phrases
Spanish Vocabulary

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