Like audiobooks? There’s a way to get $100 off a Kindle through Audible

Those $99 refurbished Kindles are nice, but if you want a really cheap Kindle, and you’re thinking about joining Audible, the best combo offer is one that isn’t that easy to find these days: sign up for a year of Audible Gold at $14.95 a month, and get a $100 code that you can use on any current Kindle device. The Audible Gold plan provides 1 credit per month, which is usually good for one audiobook download (every once in a while an audiobook will cost 2 or more credits).

I’ve checked out the fine print and I don’t see any hidden gotchas, other than that the $100 code has to be used within 90 days, and if you cancel your Audible membership after the first month, you’ll have to pay for the remainder of the 12-month membership. (You can cancel within the first month without incurring the penalty, but you’ll have to go ahead and pay $14.95 if you’ve already used your first credit, and you’ll have to give up the code of course.) You also have to be a new Audible member to take advantage of this offer, or at minimum you can’t have signed up within the past 24 months. I couldn’t find details on which countries are eligible for the offer, so you’ll have to contact Amazon or Audible to ask.

Frankly I agree with the online chatter that right now is probably a bad time to buy a new Kindle, since it’s likely that a newer model will be announced very soon. The Audible offer is good until the end of January 2012, but the fine print says the $100 code has to be used within 90 days of receiving it, so you might want to bookmark this page and come back once Amazon reveals pricing and availability on the next Kindle model.

Finally, let me make it clear that this isn’t an advertisement—no one is paying me anything and I won’t get any kickbacks. I’m writing about this deal because I think it’s a good one, if you already want to buy a Kindle and want to join Audible. (It was an easy choice for my mother, for example, since she loves audiobooks.) I’m also writing about it because I’ve noticed that even though the offer is valid until January 31, 2012, it’s all but disappeared from the Amazon site, at least for me. (I realize everyone sees a custom version of Amazon based on purchase patterns). So this is my attempt to publicize it a little more.

Update: Wow, I have a terrible memory. It looks like I wrote a very similar post (with almost the exact same headline!) eighteen months ago, when the offer was first announced. Ah well, it’s still a good deal…

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