New snap-on Kindle reading light uses cover slots to power itself

Remember how cool Amazon’s Kindle 3 cover with the built-in reading light was when it first came out last summer? Instead of requiring a battery, it draws power from the Kindle via the little prong that connected the cover to the device. Grantwood Technology has taken that idea, discarded the cover, and produced the SimpleLight, a snap-on accessory that does the same thing.

I haven’t tested it personally and the product is still too new to have built up many customer reviews yet, so buyer beware. Still, I thought it was a cool idea. I don’t like that it obstructs the left buttons, but I do love the idea that you never have to worry about batteries for your reading light.

It’s about $26 not counting sales tax, and you can get it from Amazon (see link above) or directly from the Grantwood store.

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