Next up for Kindle: Android devices

So far we’ve got access to the Amazon Kindle ecosystem on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Windows PCs, Blackberry devices, and naturally Kindles. Next up appears to be devices running Android, the operating system Google developed mainly for smartphones, although other types of gadgets are starting to make use of it too.

The biggest impact will be on phones. If Android gets a Kindle app, then owners of phones like the Droid, the Nexus One, and the original G1 may eventually be able to buy and read Kindle books.

Beyond that, though, are a small but growing number of devices that use Android. The Entourage eDGe, a combo E-ink/LCD dual-screen tablet, uses Android to power the LCD side of things; currently it uses a proprietary bookstore, but it’s possible that in the future an eDGe owner could buy ebooks from Amazon as well. Dell’s new iPod Touch competitor, the Mini 5 (or maybe it’s called the Streak?) uses Android and has confirmed that it will have a Kindle app.

As a side note, the Nook ereader from Barnes & Noble also uses Android to power its mini-nav color LCD section, but somehow I doubt that any Nook owners will be seeing an Amazon Kindle store any time soon.

The main question now, especially for Android smartphone owners, is when will this version be released? Unfortunately even the rumor sites don’t have that information yet, although Dell’s Mini 5 is likely to go on sale within the next 2-6 months.

“Leaked Dell Streak flyer shows multitude of color options, confirmed specifications” [Engadget]

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