No time to look for good articles? Let Delivereads do it

Look at how many awesome tools we now have to keep ourselves stocked with high-quality reading material: Instapaper and Read It Later are great services if you’ve found an article you want to save for later; Readability and Readable do a great job of stripping out bad design elements and ads so you can focus on the words; and then there are the many free services that will help you send content to your Kindle quickly.

Now there’s Delivereads, a free service that goes one step further by picking out the articles for you, then emailing them directly to your email address.

Delivereads is a lot like (yes, more links are coming up) the websites and, which both curate worthwhile articles and essays for you. But you still browse for articles at those sites and then choose which ones to email, whereas Delivereads automates everything after the initial sign up.

Whether you like what Delivereads sends will depend on whether you like founder Dave Pell’s taste in articles. He’s listed some of his recent picks on the Delivereads sign up page.

[via O’Reilly Radar]

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