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One “feature” too many, and Kobo finally ruins its iOS app

I no longer enjoy launching the Kobo app on my iPhone or iPad. I stopped looking forward to interacting with it a few updates ago, and now I actually avoid it. This has been building for a while. A year … Continue reading

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Stanza updated! Now works on iOS 5

Clearly I was too pessimistic last week when I wrote about the death of Stanza, the ebook reader app that stopped working on Apple devices with the release of iOS 5. Earlier today an updated version of Stanza was released, … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Stanza on iOS

Update: Forget all of this! Stanza delivered a surprise update to the Apple app store on November 10th, 2011, that restored functionality on iOS 5. But only update if you need to: this latest version breaks the app if you’re … Continue reading

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Amazon releases Kindle Cloud Reader, HTML5 web app that runs on iPad

Amazon surprised everyone this morning by announcing a new way to read your Kindle books if you’re on an iPad or computer. It’s called Kindle Cloud Reader, and it’s an HTML5 web application that runs in modern browsers and gives … Continue reading

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Why I won’t buy anything from iBooks

Last month was a sad one for all ebooksellers who aren’t Apple but who offer iOS apps, as well as for ebook customers. If you use a Kindle, Kobo or Nook app on your iOS device, you probably already noticed … Continue reading

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Apple relaxes app rules for ebook apps

It looks like Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and any other ereader app currently on iOS won’t be disappearing from the App Store after the end of the month after all. Mac Rumors is reporting that Apple has removed its most controversial … Continue reading

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Kobo’s summer reading challenge: read books, help charitable organizations

Did you ever participate in a summer reading program when you were a kid, where you attempted to reach a goal of n books or pages before the end of August? Do you miss that sort of thing? If so, … Continue reading

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Instagram users like their Kindles

By michellewegner Instagram is an iOS app that lets you shoot a quick photo, tint it or age it so that it has a more organic/hipster look, and then share it online like a tweet or Tumblr update. I never … Continue reading

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