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How to convert the entire Skyrim canon into a single ebook

If you’ve ever spent any time in the game Skyrim—or its predecessors Oblivion or Morrowind—you’ve probably noticed how insanely detailed the legends, histories, and religious traditions can be, and not just for a game but for any sort of fantasy … Continue reading

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Literature Map from Gnod uses fancy robot math to suggest new authors to you

From what I can tell by the intro paragraph on the home page, Gnod is an experiment in creating a self-aware deathbot who will someday enslave us all. But until that day it’s a fun way to discover new authors … Continue reading

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BookLikes first impressions: an undercooked indie version of Shelfari

BookLikes is yet another free service for book lovers that promises to make quality recommendations to you based on what others are reading. Unfortunately, it’s not quite ready for public consumption. Continue reading

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Here’s another hand-made hardcover case for the Kindle

I know I just posted a link to 50 assorted ideas for covering your Kindle, but this one from someone named Ebony is worth the extra attention. His approach definitely requires patience and an eye for detail — you have … Continue reading

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Borders files for bankruptcy, will close 200 stores

As expected, Borders has filed for bankruptcy. John Mutter at Shelf Awareness says the bookseller plans to close about 200 of its 639 stores over the next couple of weeks. Update: Here’s a map of which stores are closing. Mutter … Continue reading

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My experience with the Espresso Book Machine

I was in midtown NYC earlier today when I stopped to have a coffee and catch up on my RSS feeds, and I saw a couple of blog references to a video of the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) posted over … Continue reading

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When publishers won’t sell, piracy emerges

 “I think what leads to rampant piracy is not meeting emergent demands.” – Brian O’Leary   That is the most concise statement I’ve read so far about an issue that constantly bothers me, which is that content companies create their … Continue reading

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A reminder that not everyone likes to receive a book for a gift

That Kindle holiday ad now running on U.S. television warms me like a cup of hot chocolate, but I suspect it’s something of a Christmas miracle. For contrast: Once, while I was working at a mortgage company back in college … Continue reading

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