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Kobo’s new web app is good for Kobo, but not for readers

Kobo’s new web app, released earlier this week, is a great first move at breaking free from Apple’s App Store extortion. Good for Kobo, I say. Unfortunately, it keeps the same design and user experience as the official Kobo app, which means it’s designed to be a storefront first, and a reading app second. Unless you’re stuck with Kobo, there are better options out there. Continue reading

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Three new EPUB readers for OS X

The Mac Observer recently reviewed three different EPUB readers for OS X, and even put together a handy chart so you can compare features. Murasaki ← this one has the comparison chart BookReader Bookle I’m happy to see some new … Continue reading

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Want to see ConsumerReports.org’s ereader reviews and ratings? Free access today only

Consumer Reports is one of the original paywall publications, and for good reason—they don’t take outside advertising or have corporate sponsors, and they are complete geeks when it comes to thoroughly testing every product they review. (Believe me, I’ve visited … Continue reading

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Five reasons NOT to get a Nook Touch

Everyone loves the new Nook Touch ereader, including me. But before you get one, make sure you can live with its weaknesses. Continue reading

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PCMag calls Nook Touch the new king of ereaders

Has the Kindle 3 been beaten by Barnes & Noble’s elegant new touchscreen Nook? Yes, says PCMag: it’s smaller, lighter, and more user friendly, with the same Pearl E Ink screen. Continue reading

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Can you trust the battery claims for the Nook and Kindle?

Can an ereader really give you two months of reading pleasure before needing another charge? Sure, if you read for a half hour every day and never turn on wireless. Continue reading

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Amazon's new Kindle ad makes me feel weird about owning a Kindle

Have you seen the new Kindle spot yet? At first I thought it was made by a fan, or that it was one of the entries submitted for Amazon’s “create a Kindle ad” contest that ran last month. Not because … Continue reading

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Kindle versus nook; which one is the better value?

As of late summer 2010, the ebook device “war” has more or less come down to four choices–Kindle, nook, Kobo and Sony Reader–and the company behind each has worked hard to differentiate its product. Nook split into two versions so … Continue reading

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