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The cheap alternative to Evernote’s new Moleskine notebook

This is a bit outside my usual topic area, but as I’m someone who covers digital publishing tech, and as I sometimes find myself at a conference table or in a convention hall, I know about integrating handwritten notes with … Continue reading

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The Atavist: publish to any format you like

It’s not released to the public yet, but longform epublisher The Atavist is putting the final touches on a free version of its conversion tool, which will enable authors to publish to a variety of platforms at once without being … Continue reading

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How to put custom screensaver images on a Kindle 4 (nontouch)

The new Kindle 4—the one without touchscreen capability—doesn’t run the Kindle 3 screensaver hack, so even if you pay Amazon the extra $30 to disable the ads you’re stuck with some generic default images. If this is driving you crazy, … Continue reading

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How to convert the entire Skyrim canon into a single ebook

If you’ve ever spent any time in the game Skyrim—or its predecessors Oblivion or Morrowind—you’ve probably noticed how insanely detailed the legends, histories, and religious traditions can be, and not just for a game but for any sort of fantasy … Continue reading

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Man rigs special Kindle controls for sister with cerebral palsy

I was going to write up a short post* about this, but I’m running out of time today and Nate at The Digital Reader just posted about it, too, so I’ll point you there instead. (His is also the only … Continue reading

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How to make a Kindle case from an old book

I hadn’t intended to cut up the used book I bought online. But it turned out to be exactly the right size to house my Kindle, and it wasn’t in great shape to begin with, and my whole philosophy about … Continue reading

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Change the font on your Kindle without hacking it

Alert! This post was written in June 2011, and while at that time the Calibre plugin worked fine, it does not support the latest Kindle models. See the official plugin thread for details. — 21 Oct 2012 Even More Alert! Commenter … Continue reading

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Create personalized Kindle, Nook and iPad cases at MyEdge

Although no official announcement has yet been made (that I’m aware of), M-Edge has opened its custom cover store. The service lets you create custom covers for your Kindle or Nook ($40) or iPad ($50) using your own images as … Continue reading

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