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Social DRM company BooXtream to offer Mobi version soon

When Pottermore started selling official Harry Potter ebooks earlier this year, the big news (for ebook geeks) was that the site was using social DRM — digital watermarking — instead of the commonly used Adobe DRM. Social DRM is great … Continue reading

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Harry Potter series finally available as (legit) ebooks

Katniss might be the biggest teenager in fiction this year, but never underestimate the lasting influence of The Boy Who Refuses To Die, who is making news once again today. Starting immediately, you can visit shop.pottermore.com and buy all seven … Continue reading

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Why social reading apps are doomed to fail

I’ve been testing out some social reading apps on the iPad in recent weeks, and while I hope to post something more in-depth in the near future, I read some items today that corroborate a general disappointment I’ve been feeling. … Continue reading

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Set public domain content free from locked PDF files

Lately I’ve been digging around online to find old genre short stories written in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In many cases it’s clear that the works have passed into the public domain, at least here in the U.S., … Continue reading

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It’s the Day Against DRM; does anybody care?

Why isn’t the Day Against DRM a bigger deal among ebook consumers? Continue reading

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Are readers growing more concerned about DRM? (Please?)

A highly informal survey hints that maybe DRM’s biggest enemy is the growing popularity of ebooks — the more you read, the more likely you are to be annoyed by lending and platform restrictions. Continue reading

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How your next ebook loan might sap your library’s book budget

For all their good qualities, and there are almost two, publishers sometimes have really bad traits as well, and one of the worst is a hatred of public libraries. Last week, HarperCollins revealed the extent of this hate when it … Continue reading

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One way ebook retailers might be able to get around Apple’s 30% tax

Remember Stanza? It was among the first and brightest ebook apps when the iPhone App Store started to really take off, which is why Amazon bought the developer in April ’09. Stanza’s good reviews and press coverage were well-deserved; it … Continue reading

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