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Can Apple even enforce its abusive iBooks Author EULA?

The always helpful Passive Voice lawyer weighs in on whether Apple has created a EULA for iBooks Author that no sane judge would consider valid.

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The Atavist: publish to any format you like

It’s not released to the public yet, but longform epublisher The Atavist is putting the final touches on a free version of its conversion tool, which will enable authors to publish to a variety of platforms at once without being … Continue reading

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Apple gives book creators beautiful, golden handcuffs

Today Apple raised the bar on interactive textbook publishing, with the introduction of a revamped iBooks app for the iPad and a free textbook publishing app for the Mac. If you’ve got an iPad, a fairly new Mac, and a … Continue reading

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Don’t believe the hype about lending ebooks on the Barnes & Noble nook

B&N wants the world to think that you can loan your ebooks to friends on their Kindle competitor, the nook. The reality is that the feature is so restricted that it is barely usable at all. Continue reading

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Amazon's new book deletion rules don't fix the real problem

Amazon’s newly-clarified book deletion policy doesn’t solve the real problem, which is that Amazon set up a system whereby they can delete your books. Continue reading

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