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Alternatives to Stanza on iOS

Update: Forget all of this! Stanza delivered a surprise update to the Apple app store on November 10th, 2011, that restored functionality on iOS 5. But only update if you need to: this latest version breaks the app if you’re … Continue reading

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Use free Bluefire app to read library ebooks on your iPad or iPhone

If you own an Apple device and want to access library ebooks on it, try the free Bluefire app now available on the App Store. It has the ability to authorize and open OverDrive files, so you can read your … Continue reading

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Kindle for iPhone updated to 2.2.1, improves highlighting

If you read Kindle books on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, be sure to upgrade to the latest version, which was just released a few hours ago. The new version corrects some wackiness that was happening with the highlighting … Continue reading

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Kindle for iPad/iPhone updated, now includes built-in dictionary

You can stop making up dirty meanings for big words now. (What, I’m the only one who does that?) Amazon has just pushed out a significant update to the Kindle for iPhone app. Now it has a built-in 250,000 word … Continue reading

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How to save excerpts from Kindle ebooks using your iPhone

You can use your iPhone, the web service Pixelpipe, and Google Docs to create editable excerpts when reading ebooks on your Kindle app. Here’s how. Continue reading

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Put the Kindle app on your iPhone even if you're not in the United States

Wired’s Gadget Lab has figured out how you can install the Amazon Kindle app on your iPhone or iPod Touch even if you don’t live in the U.S. Continue reading

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Convert pretty much any text into the Kindle format with Stanza desktop app

Update October 2010: It’s been a couple of years since this post, and software continues to change. Check out the Converting Stuff page for up-to-date recommendations. Stanza is an iPhone app that lets you read public domain books on the … Continue reading

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