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New Kindle weather website launches, competes with other browser utilities

I got an email from Kindle Weather Station this morning, a new service in beta that offers a full screen weather report (via the experimental browser) for your neighborhood. The good news is the weather is presented in a huge, … Continue reading

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Three online notepads that work with the Kindle

Here’s a quick review of three free notepad services that work fairly well with the Kindle 3’s web browser. Why would you want a notepad service? I get to that below, after the quick reviews. Jottit.com Features: 9 Kindle Web … Continue reading

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Kinstant update adds customizable shortcuts

Kinstant, the online shortcuts page designed for the Kindle that I first covered back in October, has been upgraded. The calculator is still there (click the “show menu” link at the top of the screen), but now there’s local weather … Continue reading

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Kinstant provides a ready-to-go homepage for your Kindle browser

Update: Want your own version of a shortcuts page? Use my template file. The website Kinstant.com is designed to serve as a pre-configured home page for your Kindle browser–just visit kinstant.com on your Kindle for a list of links to … Continue reading

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