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Old fogeys celebrate as page numbering comes to Kindle

I firmly believe page numbers belong on pages, not on screens, but as this Teleread post last week indicated, there are some hold-outs who demand the damned things for all sorts of reasons that are Very Wrong. Those people will … Continue reading

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How long is a location in a Kindle ebook?

While looking up information on how to cite Kindle books in research papers, I noticed that one key bit of info seems to be missing (or at least I couldn’t find it anywhere): the actual length of a “location,” which … Continue reading

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How to cite a Kindle ebook

If you’re writing an academic paper and need to cite a Kindle book, you’ll quickly notice a problem: there are no pages, and therefore no page numbers. The wrong approach is to complain about the device for not being a … Continue reading

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Staples will start selling the Kindle this Sunday

If you still haven’t managed to see a Kindle in person at your nearest Target or Best Buy, you can try Staples starting this Sunday, October 10th. The office supply retailer has made that the official day when the ebook … Continue reading

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