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Here’s how Apple’s 30% commission might affect ebook apps

Update: It seems Apple has somewhat confirmed that ebook apps are included in the new requirements. My two predicted changes below remain fairly accurate, but now you can add two more potential changes: either the apps will go away completely, … Continue reading

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Amazon extends newspapers and magazines to Kindle for Android app, promises other apps will follow

Today Amazon announced that its Kindle for Android app has been updated to let readers access both single issues and subscriptions of some of the biggest selling newspapers and magazines. Update (or download) the app to your Android device today … Continue reading

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Give Project a break, it's no worse than any iPad magazine

Oh my dear goat lord, WHAT IS WRONG with people? This week the fairy of stupidity came down and sprayed IdiotGlitter all over a bunch of people who tried out Virgin’s new magazine app, Project. They all hate it. They … Continue reading

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Amazon promises ebook lending, plus mags and newspaper subscriptions on Kindle apps

Two great pieces of news today: Ebook lending One thing Nook has had over Kindle from the beginning was its lending feature: on Nook, you can loan a Barnes & Noble ebook out to another Nook customer one time for … Continue reading

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"The New Yorker" mag finally available on the Kindle

If you enjoy reading really well-written general news and feature writing, you should give The New Yorker magazine a try. I’ve waited a year for this to be offered on the Kindle, and now it finally is! Even better, at … Continue reading

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