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Ebook prices in 2004 vs 2011: what’s changed?

On Monday I wrote in a post that I think prices for ebooks have gone down since 2004. Over on Teleread, a couple of readers called bullshit on that statement and argued that actually prices have been creeping up thanks … Continue reading

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Apple pretty much confirms all ebook apps must offer In App Purchasing

The blog FutureBook writes that it has received direct confirmation from Apple that its new rules about mandatory In App Purchases (IAP) will indeed apply to ebook apps as well, contrary to my interpretation of their vague press release yesterday. … Continue reading

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Here’s how Apple’s 30% commission might affect ebook apps

Update: It seems Apple has somewhat confirmed that ebook apps are included in the new requirements. My two predicted changes below remain fairly accurate, but now you can add two more potential changes: either the apps will go away completely, … Continue reading

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The real value of the Kindle: affordable discovery

Yesterday, David Carnoy at CNET asked whether there’s any validity to the claim that you can end up saving money if you buy a Kindle. (Or another ebook reader, but he and I specifically mean the Kindle.) The idea is … Continue reading

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Use eReaderIQ to track ebook prices

Update 9 November 2010: It looks like Jungle-Search has abandoned the url “kindleIQ” in favor of the more ecumenical “ereaderIQ,” but they aren’t redirecting visitors for some reason. I’ve updated the URL below so that you can access the service, … Continue reading

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How a publisher can get me to buy more books

I’ve spent too many days this summer visiting this page on Amazon’s Kindle store, waiting for the price of the latest book from Charles Stross to drop to $9.99 (as of the date of this post, it’s $11.99). Clearly, it’s … Continue reading

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Just how cheap will the Kindle get?

One dollar! Okay, maybe not, at least not any time in the near future. But after Monday’s surprise $70 price cut on the Kindle 2–which makes it $10 less than the Nook from Barnes & Noble–pundits and analysts are wondering … Continue reading

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Penguin and Amazon settle pricing dispute, put books back up for sale on Kindle store

Although the terms haven’t been disclosed, Penguin’s CEO announced yesterday that his company and Amazon have reached an agreement on ebook pricing on the Kindle Store, and that the 150 or so books they’ve kept off the store for the … Continue reading

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