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Librarian shares opinion of Espresso Book Machine after two years of using it

Here’s a librarian’s account of the Espresso Book Machine after two years of using it. It’s the best, most detailed real-world account I’ve come across—most things you’ll find online about this book-on-demand printing machine are either press releases or cursory … Continue reading

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My experience with the Espresso Book Machine

I was in midtown NYC earlier today when I stopped to have a coffee and catch up on my RSS feeds, and I saw a couple of blog references to a video of the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) posted over … Continue reading

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Creating anthologies on demand

What if you could visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble and create your own anthology about any topic you want? Why can’t you already? Continue reading

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Cory Doctorow's new experiment: all sorts of formats, all sorts of prices

Cory Doctorow is taking a DIY approach to publishing his next book, and he’s going to document it for the benefit of others. Here are some other experiments in online distribution and what they’ve taught us so far. Continue reading

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