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Borders files for bankruptcy, will close 200 stores

As expected, Borders has filed for bankruptcy. John Mutter at Shelf Awareness says the bookseller plans to close about 200 of its 639 stores over the next couple of weeks. Update: Here’s a map of which stores are closing. Mutter … Continue reading

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My experience with the Espresso Book Machine

I was in midtown NYC earlier today when I stopped to have a coffee and catch up on my RSS feeds, and I saw a couple of blog references to a video of the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) posted over … Continue reading

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Ebook recap for January 2011

What was January like in the world of ebooks? Why, it was exactly like this list below! (More or less.) For our amusement, Electric Literature shoots bullets into books (and a Kindle) and films it. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) … Continue reading

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Dehydrated books, or how to make money off of fan fiction and unauthorized sequels

Imagine that this evening I follow a friend’s link to a new Harry Potter book, one that essentially replaces “The Sorcerer’s Stone” in the canon with a Year 1 adventure that’s darker and closer in tone to the final few … Continue reading

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Amazon's new lending feature is probably going to anger some publishers

When it comes to Kindle features, Amazon tends to follow the aphorism that it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission. This strategy doesn’t always work–see the text-to-speech controversy–but it helps give Amazon the element of surprise in the marketplace. With … Continue reading

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Publetariat asking for dollar donations to stay afloat

If you write with the intention of publishing, and if you’re online much at all, you’ve probably come across Publetariat, a popular online community serving authors and publishers. Today the editor posted a public request for donations to keep the … Continue reading

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Why are big publishers ignoring interactive picture books?

Yesterday Scholastic listed 10 trends in children’s lit for 2010, and #6 is in alignment with an October New York Times article on the decline in picture books. From the Scholastic list: “Publishers are publishing about 25 to 30 percent … Continue reading

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Amazon and Seth Godin partner up to create new worldwide publishing imprint

I’ve long had some precognition that I might be psychic, but now it’s confirmed; just a week after I posted a more or less random item about Seth Godin freebies, Amazon has announced that they’re partnering with him to launch … Continue reading

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