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The biggest threat to local bookstores? Crazy booksellers and their fanboys

Last week, Amazon tried to train consumers to openly treat local retail stores as showrooms for Amazon merchandise. It was a ballsy but ethically shaky move; I believe customers who participated helped Amazon steal resources and sales from competitors for … Continue reading

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The New Yorker book blog pretends it’s 2008, trashes ebooks

It makes me cringe when The New Yorker stumbles, even if the accident happens on one of its blog divisions and not within an actual issue. Maybe I’m hero-worshipping too much, but I like to think the writers and editors … Continue reading

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Give Project a break, it's no worse than any iPad magazine

Oh my dear goat lord, WHAT IS WRONG with people? This week the fairy of stupidity came down and sprayed IdiotGlitter all over a bunch of people who tried out Virgin’s new magazine app, Project. They all hate it. They … Continue reading

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It begins: publishers starting to hike prices on Amazon ebooks

Kindle owners, prepare yourselves. As ebooks grow in market share, you’re going to be hearing a lot of arguments from publishers–all of them deeply suspect–about why they have to price their books higher. If you were around for the whole … Continue reading

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