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Longform + iPad = world’s best general interest mag

I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to describe the newly released Longform app for iPad. It’s a digital magazine on steroids. It’s an infinite magazine, a magazine multiplex. It’s a portable reading room where new issues … Continue reading

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One “feature” too many, and Kobo finally ruins its iOS app

I no longer enjoy launching the Kobo app on my iPhone or iPad. I stopped looking forward to interacting with it a few updates ago, and now I actually avoid it. This has been building for a while. A year … Continue reading

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Readability adds “send to Kindle” support

Readability, the free service that makes web pages easier on the eyes with a simple click, has introduced a new “send to Kindle” feature. This is essentially what Kindlebility has been offering for a few months, but now it’s baked … Continue reading

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Kobo’s summer reading challenge: read books, help charitable organizations

Did you ever participate in a summer reading program when you were a kid, where you attempted to reach a goal of n books or pages before the end of August? Do you miss that sort of thing? If so, … Continue reading

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No time to look for good articles? Let Delivereads do it

Look at how many awesome tools we now have to keep ourselves stocked with high-quality reading material: Instapaper and Read It Later are great services if you’ve found an article you want to save for later; Readability and Readable do … Continue reading

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Are readers growing more concerned about DRM? (Please?)

A highly informal survey hints that maybe DRM’s biggest enemy is the growing popularity of ebooks — the more you read, the more likely you are to be annoyed by lending and platform restrictions. Continue reading

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Kindlebility is yet another way to send articles to your Kindle

Kindlebility lets you add a bookmark to your browser that will send any page you’re viewing to your Amazon Kindle email address. Continue reading

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Worldreader gives 440 Kindles to young readers in Ghana

If you want to go into the weekend with an inspirational story, check out Worldreader’s recent blog updates about the 440 free Kindles and M-Edge cases it just handed out to kids in Ghana, Africa. From the blog: “After playing … Continue reading

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