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Here’s how a local bookseller tried to get my future business

In my recent counter-tirade against the emotional outbursts that booksellers are frequently guilty of when they should be discussing retail strategies, I mentioned that the last time I contacted a local bookstore to offer feedback on what I want as … Continue reading

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Walmart to sell Kindles starting this week

Amazon has announced that Walmart will begin selling 3G Kindles and the ad-subsidized Kindle with Special Offers starting this week. No mention of the Wi-Fi only models that aren’t subsidized, however. Walmart makes the ninth retailer to sell Kindle devices. … Continue reading

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AT&T stores to sell Kindle 3G in March

Starting next week, you’ll be able to go into AT&T retail locations and buy a Kindle 3G for the same price as it sells on Amazon, $189. With AT&T, there are now eight retailers in the U.S. selling Kindles. The … Continue reading

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Fred Meyer and Dixons stores to start selling the Kindle 3

Fred Meyer has joined the list of retail chains in the U.S. that carry the Kindle, so if you live near a Fred Meyer and want to see a Kindle 3 in person before making a decision, you should be … Continue reading

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Booki.sh launches Australian ebook store where you can’t download your purchases

It begins! The ebooks-in-the-cloud concept that I warned against earlier this week, the one publishers say is the ideal future marketplace (for them, not for consumers), is in private beta right now in Australia. It’s using the Monocle web-based ebook … Continue reading

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Staples will start selling the Kindle this Sunday

If you still haven’t managed to see a Kindle in person at your nearest Target or Best Buy, you can try Staples starting this Sunday, October 10th. The office supply retailer has made that the official day when the ebook … Continue reading

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All Target stores to stock the Kindle starting June 6th

Update: Even though your local Target might have the Kindle on sale starting this weekend, you might want to wait until August when an improved model is rumored to arrive. Target’s experiment with being the first brick-and-mortar store to sell … Continue reading

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Target starts selling Kindles this weekend

If you were in Target’s flagship store in Minneapolis this weekend, or one of about 100 Target stores in South Florida, you may have been surprised to see the Amazon Kindle for sale there. As everyone guessed earlier this month, … Continue reading

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