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Hugo-nominated sf novel Blindsight available for free

Blindsight by Peter Watts is a hard sci-fi novel about first contact, aliens, autism spectrum disorder, the nature of human consciousness, and a formerly extinct offshoot of Homo sapiens that gave rise to our vampire legends. It’s free on the … Continue reading

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Eleven free Philip K. Dick short stories

You might not think that the sci-fi author Philip K. Dick, whose brain twisting stories seem to end up as Hollywood movies every couple of years, would have anything in the public domain (he died in 1982), but Project Gutenberg … Continue reading

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SF Gateway launches ebook store for classic sci-fi and fantasy

If you’re a hardcore sci-fi or fantasy reader, be sure to check out the newly opened SF Gateway website at http://www.sfgateway.com/. At present, there are over fifty authors represented (see full author list here), with more to come over time. … Continue reading

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1,000+ classic sci-fi and fantasy works to be epublished in September

Early last month, publisher Gollancz announced that it was going to publish a new third edition of the “Encyclopedia of Science Fiction” online, and make it free for anyone to access. An executive for Gollancz told FutureBook that it had … Continue reading

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Sci-fi mag experiments with freemium model on Kindle Store

Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine has switched to a freemium subscription model on the Kindle Store. A lot of the blogs that covered this last week sort of glossed over it, I imagine because we’re all getting inured to the … Continue reading

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Today’s Bargain Book: “The Bradbury Report” by Steven Polansky

In 2071, a retired science teacher is contacted by an old friend and asked to write a very personal report on the ethics of cloning—after meeting his own face to face. Continue reading

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Today’s Bargain Book: “Consider Phlebas” by Iain M. Banks

To end a galactic war that has claimed billions of lives, shape-changer Horza sets out to find a fabled entity hidden on a dead planet. Continue reading

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Today’s bargain book: “The American Book of the Dead” by Henry Baum

“The American Book of the Dead” by Henry Baum Price: Free from Feedbooks.com / $0.99 from Amazon. Amazon Summary: Eugene Myers is working on a novel about the end of the world. Meanwhile, he discovers his daughter doing porn online … Continue reading

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