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How to put custom screensaver images on a Kindle 4 (nontouch)

The new Kindle 4—the one without touchscreen capability—doesn’t run the Kindle 3 screensaver hack, so even if you pay Amazon the extra $30 to disable the ads you’re stuck with some generic default images. If this is driving you crazy, … Continue reading

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Make your Kindle look busted with this screensaver

Why in the world would you want to make your Kindle look like the screen has been smashed? I dunno, but here are some ideas: To make it less appealing to thieves. To elicit sympathy from nosy coworkers, non-crazy subway … Continue reading

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Here are some Kindle screens in the C.S. Lewis vein

Over the weekend, a reader named Greg posted a link on the Free Screens page to his own public collection of Kindle screens. He’s got over thirty images freely available to download. Although the collection includes portraits and illustrations, its … Continue reading

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Kindle 3.1 software update prevents jailbreaking

Update: The new jailbreak for 3.1 has already been released, so you can disregard the warning below. (Thanks to Jordi for the tip!) Original post: If you wanted to use custom fonts or screensaver images on your Kindle but haven’t … Continue reading

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Free Kindle screensaver: “Watership Down” word clouds

Tim wrote in with a request: “I would love to have a screen from the book ‘Watership Down.’” Done! I’m not a great rabbit artist, so I included several different versions sans rabbit in case anyone else wants to take … Continue reading

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Free screensavers: Cthulhu Wordle madness!

As I’m sure you know, every passing year brings us closer to the day when the Great Old Ones reclaim this world, and perhaps the most beloved GOO of all is good ol’ Cthulhu. Watch out for his flabby claws! … Continue reading

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Free screens: subway maps of major cities

Fellow Kindle owner Parker Higgins just sent me a note about some Kindle transit map screensavers he created, and after I slapped myself in the head for not coming up with the idea first, I quickly downloaded them for my … Continue reading

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Classic Scrooge illustrations for your Kindle

Is there any Christmas tale more famous, or more horrifying, than Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”? Poor Ebenezer! In the course of one long night, a productive and upstanding member of society is driven mad by the relentless torments of the … Continue reading

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