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Kobo’s new web app is good for Kobo, but not for readers

Kobo’s new web app, released earlier this week, is a great first move at breaking free from Apple’s App Store extortion. Good for Kobo, I say. Unfortunately, it keeps the same design and user experience as the official Kobo app, which means it’s designed to be a storefront first, and a reading app second. Unless you’re stuck with Kobo, there are better options out there. Continue reading

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The biggest threat to local bookstores? Crazy booksellers and their fanboys

Last week, Amazon tried to train consumers to openly treat local retail stores as showrooms for Amazon merchandise. It was a ballsy but ethically shaky move; I believe customers who participated helped Amazon steal resources and sales from competitors for … Continue reading

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PCMag calls Nook Touch the new king of ereaders

Has the Kindle 3 been beaten by Barnes & Noble’s elegant new touchscreen Nook? Yes, says PCMag: it’s smaller, lighter, and more user friendly, with the same Pearl E Ink screen. Continue reading

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eReaderIQ now has a Kindle friendly mobile site

I find a lot of bargain books by just browsing through the Kindle store all the time, but I also sometimes find them from eReaderIQ. In the past I’ve recommended it to track the price of individual books, and it’s … Continue reading

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Where to find elegant and quirky Kindle cases

One of the best sources for one-of-a-kind cases for your Kindle (or Nook, Kobo, etc.) is Etsy, the handmade items retailer. Etsy’s particularly great for padded sleeves, because you can choose from a hundred different fabric patterns instead of four … Continue reading

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You can now give Kindle ebooks as gifts (finally!)

Gift giving just got a lot easier, at least for people who know me. Starting today, you can now send Kindle ebooks as gifts. Hooray! The recipient doesn’t have to already have a Kindle account to receive the gift, although … Continue reading

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Why your book reviews are important

Have you read an indie or self-published book from the Kindle store recently? You should review it! Other Kindle readers will thank you, you’ll be famous (at least to that author), and you’ll be doing the entire Kindle community a … Continue reading

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Amazon launches new lists: "Top 100 Free" and "Top 100 Paid"

This morning I logged onto Amazon’s Kindle store and checked out the bestseller list, and was happily surprised to see that Amazon has just implemented the change that it announced to Publishers Weekly less than two weeks ago. From now … Continue reading

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