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Barnes & Noble offering free Nook Touch if you subscribe to New York Times for a year

For a couple of years now, people have suggested that if ereaders got cheap enough, they could be used by newspapers as promotional swag—sign up for a subscription and get an ereader for free. Newspapers haven’t warmed to this idea … Continue reading

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Kindle 3G with Special Offers now only $139

Amazon just announced that AT&T has agreed to “sponsor” the Kindle 3G with Special Offers—or more plainly, the ad-supported Kindle—and dropped the price by another $25. At $139, it’s now the same price as the regular Wi-Fi Kindle model, which … Continue reading

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Angry Robot introduces DRM-free subscription plan: pay flat fee, get every new title for a year

I’m subbing over at the esteemable Teleread blog for the month of July, and I just posted this news over there but thought it was something worth sharing with Booksprung readers as well. Also, it gives me a chance to … Continue reading

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How long before Amazon extends “Special Offers” to existing Kindle owners?

Unless the new ad-supported Kindle is rocking some sort of actual hardware widget that creates magical screensaver ads, the main difference between it and existing “normal” Kindles is probably at the operating system level. And if that’s the case, then … Continue reading

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Refurbished Nook Wi-Fi on sale for $80

Barnes & Noble is offloading a trailer full of refurbished Nook Wi-Fi devices, apparently, because the price has been slashed to $80 with free shipping. By comparison, a brand-new Nook Wi-Fi costs $150, and a “certified pre-owned” version usually costs … Continue reading

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Read an Ebook Week means special deals and offers

When “Read an E-Book Week” was started in 2004, it made sense to try to expose more readers to the convenience of ebooks. The Kindle didn’t exist, the readers that did were expensive, and ebook editions were priced like hardcovers … Continue reading

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Don't pay for Bree Tanner! Stephenie Meyer makes her latest Twilight book free for everyone

If you’re a fan of the Twilight teen vampire series, you already know that today a novella went on sale called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It’s available on Amazon for about $7 if you buy the hardcover, … Continue reading

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Lemony Snicket collection dirt cheap on Kindle

I can’t vouch for the Lemony Snicket series, having never read them. (I won’t hold the movie against the books.) But if you’ve ever wanted to get into them, Harper Collins is offering a pretty great deal for Kindle customers. … Continue reading

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