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BookLikes first impressions: an undercooked indie version of Shelfari

BookLikes is yet another free service for book lovers that promises to make quality recommendations to you based on what others are reading. Unfortunately, it’s not quite ready for public consumption. Continue reading

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Indie ebook “hall of fame” site tracks the best reviewed self-published books

If you’re looking for something new to read that’s not from one of the big publishing houses, check out the Indie eBook Hall of Fame blog. It’s a bare bones site set up by Joanna, a Teleread contributor and fan … Continue reading

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New source of reviews for Smashwords books

Smashwords is a terrific resource for low cost ebooks to read on your Kindle. Unfortunately, since anyone can publish there, it’s no better than Amazon at protecting you from badly written nonsense, and digging through its collection for the good … Continue reading

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Brainstorming the future of ebooks

What will the future of digital publishing look like? Here are some ideas on how publishing may evolve in the coming years, as ebooks continue to grow in popularity. Continue reading

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Suggestions For Kindle 2.0

Give me the ability to turn the page buttons on and off. I like the option of page buttons on both sides of the device, but odds are high each user will use one side most of the time. Accidental … Continue reading

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